Hi all! Actually, I should say g’day mates! I am writing to you all from Queenstown, New Zealand–the second stop on my Down Under Tour. I will be traveling the next four weeks throughout New Zealand and Australia, and will therefore be taking you all with me!

As exciting as it is to travel to new places, I always try and prepare for the worst–and by “worst,” I mean any kind of sickness. The worst feeling is to be thousands of miles away from home stuck in an AirBnb bed and not being able to enjoy your trip due to a cold or stomach flu. Therefore, I always come prepared! Besides all my daily supplements (which you can find here), I always bring some preventative supplements to help maintain my immunity. The key is to prevent–and if that fails, catch the sickness as soon as you feel it coming on. Here’s what I pack in my suitcase to stay healthy abroad:

Some other immunity-preserving tips while traveling:

What do you do to prepare for a trip?

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