Our CBD website is up and ready!!

Nutrition Smart brand CBD organic tinture

I know that we have been missing in action for the past year everyone and we are so sorry. BUT, we are very excited to finally announce that our very own Nutrition Smart CBD is now available directly to customers. Our blog was the first to know and we hope this early surprise can make […]

Skin Health

Everyone wants beautiful, glowing skin. Every cream on the market promises clear, smooth and ageless skin. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: no matter how much money you spend on expensive creams, face washes and masks, it will mean nothing without a clean diet. Let me explain why…

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? If not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s start with an easy to follow countdown to the big day then finish with a meal planning guide that will have you zipping through the grocery aisles .

Brain Health 101

Perhaps one of the most popular supplements people ask for are ones that work to promote brain health. We know which foods are good for our skin, hair and bones. We understand the best ways to keep our bodies intact, whether or not we enact them. But brain health? Not so commonly known. If you […]

The Power of Prebiotics

We have all heard of probiotics. I have preached the power of probiotics, and how important they are for our gut health. But have you heard of prebiotics? In case you need a refresher course on probiotics, here you go: probiotics are the live bacteria that live in foods like yogurt, kombucha and fermented foods. […]

CUT IT OUT: My One Week Sugar Detox and Some of My Favorite Low-Sugar Hacks

Did anyone else read that title with Joey’s voice from Full House? Or maybe the sugar detox is making me quote ’90s shows…either way, today I want to talk to you about my latest challenge: the 7 Day Sugar Detox. If you’re just switching over to a healthy lifestyle and still rely on those nightly sweets to […]

We are Obsessed with The Coconut Cult

If you follow any fitness Instagrammers, you’ve heard of The Coconut Cult. Anyone who documents sipping their morning matcha followed by a bowl of overnight cauliflower oats will have at least a few Instagram posts proclaiming their love for the newest probiotic on the market. If you haven’t heard of it yet, listen up: this […]

Smile: Let’s Get Messy with Activated Charcoal

G’day from down under! Today I want to discuss the benefits of using activated charcoal to brush your teeth. I know it sounds crazy–black charcoal all over white teeth? Don’t get me wrong, it looks crazy when you do it. Picture that trick gum that we used to give our friends in middle school–that gum […]